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Consumer protection mechanisms

Consumer protection mechanisms Professional development: All Industry Members are required to complete continuing professional education annually. Courses are based on subjects that provide Industry Members with a higher level of skills and knowledge that will aid them in protecting the public. Entrance Examination: The profession’s entrance examination ensures that Industry Members possess the knowledge and competence required to provide adequate service. Brokerage Audit: The Registrar ensu..

Showing your home to its best advantage

Showing your home to its best advantage Part of the success in selling your home depends on the impression which potential buyers will have when they view it. Showing it off properly is therefore of prime importance. Many elements can help get you the best possible price for your property. Some involve up-front expenses, which can probably be recovered when you sell your house. You will find on the next page a Preparation checklist to help you plan how you will prepare your home. First impressions: First impressions have..

Types of Listing Contracts

Types of Listing Contracts Exclusive Listing Contract: In an exclusive listing contract, the seller agrees not to use the services of another brokerage for the sale of his property. This type of contract guarantees to the broker- age that their efforts to sell the home will be compensated at the time of the sale. The seller can also expect their brokerage to devote maximum time and effort to sell the property. The brokerage will cooperate with other brokerages unless instructed otherwise by the seller. Non-e..